Services & Solutions

We know how to deal with your home

A home of one’s own, one’s own four walls in the Valais; this wish of many can have very different motivations. For some it is a sensible and still very sustainable investment, for others it is simply the center of their lives for themselves and their families.

The VAL Group accompanies people through the entire buying and selling process. Committed, professional – and personal. We bring seller and buyer together. A task that is as beautiful as it is demanding. We look forward to getting to know you and to introducing the VAL Group and its interdisciplinary services to you in a personal meeting.

Your own home is associated with a high level of commitment and not inconsiderable financial commitment. This is a good reason to choose your placement partner carefully and with a sense of proportion.

The VAL Group has a dense network of contacts and is therefore always aware of the current supply and demand situation. Due to its market knowledge and its broad-based competences, it is able to handle purchase and sales mandates seriously and purposefully and to bring them to a successful conclusion within a useful period of time.

A brief overview of our versatile services:

  • Preparation of sales documentation including professional photography and drone shots
  • Marketing on all relevant platforms as well as via the existing network
  • Advice on the entire purchase and sale process from one contact person
  • Support with purchase contracts, insurance and other contracts
  • Clarify financing with various banks. The individual properties are pre-checked by a Swiss bank.
    Your buyers know that the bank will finance the property, if portability and loan-to-value fit.