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The property: What a technical, unpleasant word for a home. We want you to feel at home with us. So our Internet presence should also suit you – and not the other way round.

Trust – this is the basis of our business model. Be successful together with you: Welcome to the VAL Group.

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Professional and regional. All VAL Group employees have a strong regional connection and therefore they know the market situation very well. Although we place great emphasis on technical innovations and digital accessibility, the focus of our activities lies on personal contact with you and your buyers. This creates trust.

Contemporary innovative. Of course, we are committed to digital orientation. We attach great importance to the professional presentation of individual objects on various contemporary platforms. Via reporting links, VAL Group informs its customers at any time about its activities, about all sales promotions and about the respective feedback of potential interested parties.


Free of charge. Our service is free of charge for the time being. You as the seller only incur costs for the mediation, if a notary prescribes your object. Because we pursue the same goal as our customers: The successful sale of the offered objects.

In addition, our customers have no time commitment to our portal. The offered objects can be taken out of the marketing at any time. Also this naturally: Completely free of charge

Current purchase and rental offers

3984 Fiesch

Umgeben vom Grün - Wohnglück mit Bergambiente

4.5 rooms
CHF 350'000.–
3930 Eyholz

Wohnglück an erhobener Lage

4.5 rooms
CHF 399'000.–
3925 Grächen

Wohnen, wo andere Ferien machen

Single house
8 rooms
781 m²
CHF 950'000.–
3900 Brig

Schmuckstück im Briger Zentrumskern

2.5 rooms
CHF 1'100.– / month
3960 Sierre

In der Sonnen- und Weinstadt Zuhause sein

4.5 rooms
CHF 498'000.–
3952 Susten

Familienwohnung für Selbstverwirklicher

4.5 rooms
CHF 280'000.–